Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspections in Henderson

Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspection in Henderson

Thinking about listing your home in 2021? You’re not alone.

As we move deeper into the first quarter of the new year, all indications point to continued growth in the housing market, despite the pandemic and still higher than usual levels of uncertainty about the future.

What factors are fueling this optimism? Economists and experts in the real estate community predict that home sales will continue to ride the wave of intense buyer demand, more Millennial home-shoppers, a growing number of worker relocations, historically low mortgage rates (though some caution that rates are likely to tick northward), and an economy that is, hopefully, expected to rebound from the valleys of 2020.

Anecdotally in 2020, stories abounded of sellers who put homes on the market in the morning and had accepted bids before the sunset that day. Buyer enthusiasm is anticipated to spill over into 2021, creating a seller-friendly market that should help real estate agents and their clients benefit from this favorable climate. Of course, predictions are just that—predictions. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and see how it all plays out moving forward.

Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspection in Henderson

What to Do Before You List:

So what do all these positive forecasts mean to families who have decided to put their homes up for sale? Those who know the real estate market say it means you should take a proactive approach to prepare for a more competitive seller’s market in the days ahead. Start thinking of ways to let your property stand out from other listings. Ask yourself how you can make it as simple as possible for a buyer to make a decision on the property by alleviating doubt and helping all parties more smoothly arrive at an agreeable selling price.

One of the easiest, smartest, and economical steps to take is to hire a home inspector to perform a complete roof-to-foundation checkup of your home. A-Pro Home Inspection takes this idea a notch further by performing Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspections. This 500-point inspection provides sellers with a report on all major home systems, including structure, exterior, plumbing, roofing, electrical, HVAC, interior, insulation, and ventilation. Here are five reasons you should consider an A-Pro Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspection if you’re selling in 2021:

  1. Surveys have indicated that homes that have been professionally inspected prior to listing sell more quickly (up to one-third times faster by some estimates) than those that depend on the buyer to hire a contractor for the inspection. Home-shoppers will also be happy to know that this is one less expense they’ll have to incur as they move toward closing.
  1. Having a Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspection provides you with valuable insights about components or entire systems that need to be repaired or replaced. With the detailed inspection report in hand, you have the option of making upgrades prior to listing. The report will also note any hazards in the home that demand immediate attention. Remember, the goal of an honest, unbiased pre-listing home inspection is to make the property more sellable—not to cast aspersions on your ability to maintain your own home. If there are problems, they’ll surface later when a buying prospect has the home inspected, so why not take control of the situation upfront?
  1. A-Pro Home Inspection reports are fair and balanced, meaning they highlight trouble spots as well as positive aspects of the home. These promptly-delivered Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspection reports can be turned into a powerful selling tool. When a prospective buyer asks, “Overall, what’s the general condition of the home?” you can present them with a full report that answers their questions. Skeptical buyers won’t simply have to take your word for it, which allows them to purchase with greater confidence.
  1. Certified Pre-Owned Home Inspections come with A-Pro’s “If We Don’t Report It, We Repair It” 120-day guarantee. In the rare occurrence that a pre-existing problem is not reported, it will be repaired at A-Pro’s expense. This guarantee can be directly passed from the seller to the homebuyer.
  1. Pre-listing inspections can lead to smoother closings and fewer surprises. Further, the pre-listing inspection reduces liability by adding professional documentation to the disclosure statement, while passing liability to the insured inspector.

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